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We had a chance to catch up with San Francisco-based WideOrbit, a global leader in premium broadcast technology. William Offeman, Executive VP of Engineering and Anders Ohlsson, Technical Product Manager, WO Traffic for Radio & Digital took us behind the scenes with an exclusive view. WideOrbit’s single-vendor platform helps media companies manage ad operations across business processes and media types. Its flagship WO Traffic software is used by more than 3,000 television and radio stations, as well as major media networks like Bell Media, DirecTV, Fox Sports, NBC Universal, Viacom and more. Another 3,200+ radio stations operate on WideOrbit’s automation platform. WideOrbit uses Delphi as the foundation for strengthening its products and expanding its portfolio – even when there’s little consistency among its customers’ technology backbones. If you’d like to learn how they repeatedly produce success read on.b2ap3_thumbnail_woview

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