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The CodeRage X Online Developer Conference will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, October 13-15, 2015. The conference will cover development topics for the Object Pascal and C++ programming languages. Sessions about Windows 10 development using VCL, Multi-Device development using FireMonkey, the Internet of Things, Proximity app development using Beacons, Cloud Services, Enterprise Data and Programming Tips, Tricks and Techniques will be covered. The conference will have two live stream developer tracks – one for Object Pascal and one for C++.

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Object Pascal track (schedule subject to change)

Track Day Start Time Title Description Level Presenter Company
OP Tuesday 5:00 Delphi Product Address With the sweeping technical changes we are witnessing, from the huge growth of mobile to the gadgets explosion, Delphi remains a centerpiece with its solid Windows and VCL roots and its unique multi-device development capabilities. Listen to the Product M All Marco Cantu, Sarina DuPont, Luis Navarro Embarcadero Technologies
OP Tuesday 6:00 Using Building Blocks for Complete IoT Solutions This session will should you how easy it is to connect to devices, collect data, and work with that data with a multi-device solution. All Sarina Dupont, Marco Cantu, Jim Tierney Embarcadero Technologies
OP Tuesday 7:00 Build a Push-Enabled Mobile App with Parse Parse and the Backend as a Service components make it easy to create a push-enabled mobile app. This session shows you how. Advanced Olaf Monien Embarcadero Technologies
OP Tuesday 8:00 Update Your Apps UI/UX with the All New Windows 10 Look and Feel In this session, we will discuss key new Windows 10 UI paradigms and how you can leverage them for both existing and new VCL and FireMonkey Windows applications. All Sarina DuPont Embarcadero Technologies
OP Tuesday 9:00 What's New in FireMonkey 10 Seattle  This session will take a look at some of the new developments in the FireMonkey framework for multi-device development. All Darren Kosinski Embarcadero Technologies
OP Tuesday 10:00 Background Tasks and Inter-App Communication with Android Services and Intents How to take advantage of the Android Services and Intents features of Delphi 10 Seattle for inter-app communication and background operations. Advanced Jim McKeeth Embarcadero Technologies
OP Tuesday 11:00 DataSnap Deep Dive: Building N-Tier Applications You've probably heard about Datasnap development and how easy it is to build n-tier applications, right? But did you explore it in deep? So, that's what we'll do in this presentation: showing the way to go with Authentication, Authorization, Encryption, C Advanced Kelver Merlotti  
OP Tuesday 12:00 How To Skin VCL Apps with Custom VCL Styles VCL Styles enable VCL Applications to support skinning. That is, the ability to dynamically change the appearance of user interface elements without coding changes or recompiling.  This session illustrates how to leverage VCL Styles, avoid potential probl Beginning Ray Konopka Raize Software
OP Tuesday 13:00 Fast Reports Beyond Basics: Essential Reporting Strategies Going beyond the basics, this presentation shows you how to build many of the more common styles of reports using the version of Fast Report that ships with Delphi. These include summary reports, reports with sub-reports, reports with graphs, and mailing All Cary Jensen Jensen Data Systems, Inc.
OP Tuesday 14:00 Run-Time Library Deep Dive: New Features, Improvements, and Changes This session covers improvements and additions to the RTL that may not be obvious on the surface, and may never appear on a feature list. Although there are very many changes in every release, significant improvements and changes to the RTL will be the fo Intermediate John Kaster  
OP Tuesday 15:00 Flexible and Supercharged Key Hashing with Tdictionary TDictionary in Delphi is an extremely useful container, however the default method by which your 'keys' get hashed might be undesirable.  Being able to alter this can give you far greater flexibility when taking advantage of the Generic Dictionary collect Intermediate Alister Christie
OP Tuesday 16:00 Prototyping An Object Pascal Code Editor With Firemonkey In Delphi For Windows And OSX Learn how the resources of the Object Pascal community and developers world wide were leveraged to rapidly build and prototype an Object Pascal code editor with Firemonkey in Delphi for Windows and OSX. Beginning Eli M. Peacekeeper Enterprises, LLC.
OP Wednesday 5:00 InterBase Product Address Find out about the latest for InterBase, roadmap announcements and how to get involved with the new features coming soon. General update on InterBase and talk about the roadmap and assets to help people get going. All Stephen Ball Embarcadero Technologies
OP Wednesday 6:00 InterBase Change Views Deep Dive: Deliver Insanely Efficient Data Updates When lots are devices/users are interested in your data, the cheapest and fastest way to keep them updated is with changes only. Change Views allow you to easily find this for any number of subscribers. All Stephen Ball Embarcadero Technologies
OP Wednesday 7:00 Simplify Parallel Programming with Patterns  Discover how parallel programming can become simple and safe by using pre-programmed patterns. Intermediate Primož Gabrijelcic  
OP Wednesday 8:00 BeaconFence Deep Dive: Beacon App Solution Development   Advanced Diego and R&D Team Embarcadero Technologies
OP Wednesday 9:00 Vendor Showcase: Hands-on with the Gnostice Document-Processing Framework Gnostice XtremeDocumentStudio is a unified document-processing framework that enables developers to get work done with PDF and Microsoft Office documents. In this session we will see how to implement a real-world application using Delphi and Gnostice Xtre All Girish Patil Gnostice
OP Wednesday 10:00 Leveraging AppAnalytics in FMX and VCL Apps From Concept to Completion to Deployment This session will show you how to use the benefits of appplication analytics throughout your project development process, user testing and after you've deployed your applications. Intermediate Jacob Thurman  
OP Wednesday 11:00 Introduction to Encryption: Understanding Security Algorithm Use Cases This session will cover Symmetric-key and Public-key encryption, Hashing  and there various use case scenarios.   / This is a introduction to encryption it will cover Symmetric-key and Public-key encryption, and use cases of which one you should be using Beginning Robert Love State Of Utah
OP Wednesday 12:00 Composite VCL Controls Deep Dive: Techniques for Manual Creation, Component Templates, Frame Components, and Sub-Components This session investigates the various techniques involved in creating composite controls including manual creation, component templates, frame components, and sub-components.  Along the way, guidelines for the effective use of each technique will be prese Intermediate Ray Konopka Raize Software
OP Wednesday 13:00 EMS application Development and Deployment   Intermediate Jim Tierney Embarcadero Technologies
OP Wednesday 14:00 Step-by-Step Guide to Logging Custom Data in CodeSite CodeSite supports logging a wide variety of data types, but not every data structure can be automatically recorded. Fortunately, CodeSite supports logging custom data types with the help of Custom Data Formatters. This session will show you step-by-step h Intermediate Ray Konopka Raize Software
OP Wednesday 15:00 Rock Solid and Secure Communications for EMS, DataSnap, App Tethering, REST, Web Services, and Raw Indy Sockets This session will cover how to establish secure communication channels using with EMS, DataSnap, App Tethering, Rest, Web services, and raw Indy Sockets,. Intermediate Robert Love State Of Utah
OP Wednesday 16:00 Integrate New WinRT Windows 10 Platform Features Into Your App Using WinRT for Notifications, Sharing and tapping into the many of the other WinRT Interfaces. Intermediate Jim McKeeth Embarcadero Technologies
OP Thursday 5:00 FastReport Deep Dive: Build Efficient Multi-Thread Reporting The topic discovers how to build multi-thread reporting system with Fast Report. How to by pass global variables and organise efficient reporting queue. Intermediate Denis Zubov Fast Reports inc.
OP Thursday 6:00 Vendor Showcase: FixInsight Deep Dive: Squashing Bugs with Static Code Analysis Roman Yankovsky will show you how to use FixInsight's static code analysis in Delphi to find bugs in your code before your customers do. All Roman Yankovsky  
OP Thursday 7:00 Parallel Programming Deep Dive: Task Monitoring, Resource Locking, Thread Pool, Design Patterns and more! After a short re-introduction into the use of TTask we look at the more advanced concepts you'll need, such as TTask Monitoring with ITask, Resource Locking with TInterlocked and TMonitor with Pulse and ThreadPool usage in Parallel.For loops. There are ev Advanced Danny Wind Delphi Company B.V.
OP Thursday 8:00 Simplify MultiThreading with System.Threading for Mobile and Desktop Apps   Intermediate Olaf Monien Delphi Experts
OP Thursday 9:00 TFrameStand Deep Dive: Build Visually Stunning and Consistent UI/UX with FMX Frames Looking for an easy way to add visual consistency and animations to your FMX application both mobile and desktop? TFrameStand will help you! All Andrea Magni  
OP Thursday 10:00 InterBase Tips and Tricks: Quickly  Get Up and Running on Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and Linux Join Quinn Wildman (Senior Support Engineer) for this multi-platform adventure as we see just how many Operating systems we can get InterBase up and running on in just 1 session.   With tips and tricks along the way, learn how the experts get InterBase ru All Quinn Wildman Embarcadero Technologies
OP Thursday 11:00 Understanding the IDE/PAServer Tool Chain (David I and Hin Boen) PAServer provides the connection from the IDE to the target platform for deployment. PAServer runs on Windows and OS X, giving you the ability to target Windows, iOS and OS X. Learn the ins and outs of how the PAServer works in your development toolchain.      
OP Thursday 12:00 Vendor Showcase: Create IoT solutions with Delphi and Arduino Connect one or more Arduino boards to your Delphi application, collect and process the data they send, and make them talk to each other All Boian Mitov Mitov Software
OP Thursday 13:00 Debug Tips and Tricks: Effective Multi-Device App Debugging Strategies for Win32, Win64, OS X, iOS and Android Maximize the effectiveness of your multi-device application debugging.   Angel Martinez, Dawn Percick, Hin Boen Embarcadero Technologies
OP Thursday 14:00 NoSQL with MongoDB and FireDAC Focus on NoSQL and it's use with MongoDB via FireDAC Advanced Jim McKeeth Embarcadero Technologies
OP Thursday 15:00 TBA        
OP Thursday 16:00 TBA        

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