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Hello, I Have a dll Project. I want to run this Project with paserver on remote. How can i pass my dll outpath dir on remote side and how can i pass my dll’s debug launcher application ? For example my dll should be run on C:\MyApp\MyApp.DLL (On Remote Side) And my debug launcher program should be run on C:\MyApp\MyDebugger.EXE (On Remote ...

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Additional Information:

Apple have made changes to the way hiding the status bar works in iOS 7. If you want your app to be full screen (i.e. minus the status bar), you’ll need to create a customised .plist file

This time, you’ll need to add the following to the customised .plist file:

Notes: You’ll still need to set your forms BorderStyle to bsNone. If you’ve already deployed your app to the device, you may need to “uninstall” it in order for the new .plist file to be deployed. Also, if you want the status bar to show while your app is launching, omit the first key, i.e. UIStatusBarHidden, and its value.

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if IsTablet then
Application.CreateForm(TTabletForm, TabletForm)
Application.CreateForm(TPhoneForm, PhoneForm);

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