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The article with the new roadmap slides is available at: ...

James, we generally don't include the "Won't Fix" items in the count, but we list them as closed issues anyway. As for the Android performance we keep working in that direction.

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Marco Cantu, RAD PM replied to the topic 'SOAP Service: String vs. Ansistring XE10.2' in the forum. 1 week ago

> Would it not be better to define all as normal string (unicode)?
In general terms, yes, it would be better and we should update the wizards. The main issue is that code doesn't even compile on some of the newer platforms.
Still, when interfacing with an external system, string formats have to be agreed, so this would also partially depend on the format of the entire data flow (URT16, UTF8, etc)


On September 21st and 22nd (next Thursday and Friday) I'll be attending and giving sessions at a Delphi conference in Poland. The conference is organized by the local Embarcadero partner, BSC Polska. You can find more information at the "Zlot Prog ...

We keep adding a lot of open source libraries, trial components, and now also demos and database connectors to the GetIt package manager. As I wrote a couple of months back, we added also a lot of new categories to simplify navigating among the 24 ...

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Today marks the 12th year of my blog, (now also mirrored on It is easy for me to remember, as I started the blo ...