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KevinKillion posted a comment on Thought Controlled Drone in Tokyo 6 years ago

Cool. Some two years ago, we had a demo of a Delphi program linked to a brain-wave headset controlling a drone at our great little Delphi group in suburban Chicago! Sadly, the group seems to have withered away. I can't count how many times we aske

Thanks for the demos! This is most useful in learning FireMonkey.I'm having two problems with AlienInvasion, using Delphi 10.1:1) I have no sound. From DX 10.1 I opened AlienInvasion.dproj, and ran from there. The project compiled and launched jus

KevinKillion posted a comment on Web Front End Frameworks webinar 6 years ago

Thinfinity: any comments about the load on the server with multiple users doing crunch-intensive tasks?

KevinKillion posted a comment on Web Front End Frameworks webinar 6 years ago

I just watched the "front end frameworks" webinar. I'm disappointed that it didn't mention the tool I am most curious about, the Mida VCL-to-Intraweb converter. More generally, I haven't heard anything about this tool from Embarcadero in quite some

So many long-time Delphi developers hang on to their copies of the Help exe from Delphi 7, back when Help was clear, detailed, very easy to use and compact. It would be great to have an IDE extension that would, upon an F1, first try to go to the D7

KevinKillion created a new topic ' AppAnalytics: 'Property Active does not exist"' in the forum. 8 years ago

My app compiles fine. Then, I dropped a TAppAnalytics component on my form, set the ApplicationID, checked the "Active" checkbox, and when compiling again got this message from the compiler:

Debugger Exception Notification
Project TViewXE8.exe raised exception class EReadError with message 'Property Active does not exist'.
Break Continue Help

I am using XE8 Pro.

Suggestions? Thank you!
Kevin Killion


I remember that when I first started programming with Delphi 3 many years ago, I was very surprised to discover that "on" events become functions in the *form*. That's a sure-fire way to encourage poor separation between UI and functionality. Befor