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Just to add to the list of people not happy about MacOS 64 bit support being pushed back to 2019! I'm going to have to consider whether it's feasible to wait till then and whether to renew my subscription which comes up in December, not a threat just

Pete Gates created a new topic ' Firemonkey creating cache.db on OSX in ~/Library/Caches/AppName' in the forum. 11 months ago

I've got a Firemonkey app creating "cache.db" on OSX in ~/Library/Caches/AppName even though I haven't deployed libsqlite3 or using SQLite in any way. Anyone come across this or have any suggestions?



Hi David, Is there any plan/roadmap to converge with the more recent versions of Boost? With the Clang compiler that is.Thanks, Pete

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Pete Gates replied to the topic 'Registration server back up anytime soon?' in the forum. 1 year ago

Support have got back to me, looking promising.



Pete Gates created a new topic ' Registration server back up anytime soon?' in the forum. 1 year ago

I bought an upgrade to C++ Builder Pro on the 31st December (already have active Delphi Pro) but I haven’t been able to activate it yet as the licensing/registration server is down I gather. I submitted a support case but haven’t heard anything yet. Any news? Does anyone that suffers because of this get license extensions?