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HI Steve,

I have the same issue since some time (also with previous). Sometimes I copy manually 1 subdirectory over to another place on my Mac (but I don to use the simulator due to the 64 bit issue of Delphi).

In general, my current 9.2 Xcode developed solutions do not migrate at all to 9.3. Something between Embarcadero and Apple on where files and directories are placed. I will write a bug report soon.


Hello,You have to ensure that you have no local FMX files in your directories.I found out that, due to some specific modification, I had copied in the past some FMX *.pas files to my working directory. And in the latest updates and patches from Embar

Hello to Sarina and all, thanks for the patch. But since iOS11 and XCode 9 the status bar handling in iOS has changed on the iPhone. A new 'security' bar of 20 px is shown below the top status bar overlapping therefore my screens. What has to be done