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Well I have it working.
Basically, I had to run License Manager and remove the active serial. Then I closed it down. Started it up and added the serial number again. As soon as IDE started, I closed it down.
Started it up again and the Android and Ios options were available.
Looking at the License Manager also showed It was not able to use Mobile Addon, thus I assume the errors were caused by the License checking.

Now, getting Adnroid SDK to work is another blinking matter!


Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'C++ Builder 10.3 Lio, Build error' in the forum. 3 months ago

Not sure I understand what you did to resolve this, I have the exact same error, doing exactly the same, so I am curious to know how you have it working


My thoughts exactly!

After many reboots they became available in the Platforms and Extensions manager, so I was able to spend an hour watching them download and install.

But, they still do not show up anywhere. If I select a New multi-device application, the only options that show are MacOS and windows32 / 64!


Completely clean install on a new laptop. Only options showing are for Windows 32, Windows 64bit and MacOS
Are the Android and IOS targets not available in this version? If not I really want my money back as subscription runs until March 2020 and the options were included in Tokyo!


Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'Stupid Question' in the forum. 3 months ago

changed to result := dlgAbout.ShowModal; and that worked as expected.

Then if I add "if result = mrCancel then exit;" it fails syntax check with the same error about TAction.

Have you checked the value of the actual modalresult?
procedure TfrmMain.btnConnectClick(Sender: TObject);
retInt Integer;
     retInt = dlgAbout.ShowModal;
     ShowMessage('dlgAbout returned: '+inttostr(retInt));


Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'iPhone identifier != 40 characters in length' in the forum. 4 months ago

Thanks Emailx45, but alas it doesn't solve the issue. Newer iPhones use an entirely different way to generate the UDID and even though I created a provisioning profile for the UDID created using the method you linked to, it still gets the same error message, xcode must be looking for a 40 character UDID. I will have to wait until RIO to see if that supports the newer iPhones using later xcode etc, pain because my current app is for Winter Road Closures and winter will start before RIO arrives, so they may have to use older phones, not good for them as they use iPhone XR, like the one I bought thinking it would be a simple thing to get to work.


Marko Von Richards created a new topic ' iPhone identifier != 40 characters in length' in the forum. 4 months ago

I can happily deploy my app to my iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPod pro (all running iOS 12.1)

I have just upgraded? to an iPhone XR, and cannot deploy to it, the message is as follows:-

Unable to launch process on '' using the parameters from the 'ToTheMacbook' profile.
The following error was returned: 'invalid UDID specified (length != 40)'

I am using :-
Windows 10 pro Version 1803
C++ Builder 10.2.3

macbook air
macOS High Sierra 10.13.6
Xcode 9.4.1
Platfiorm Assist

Has anyone found a work-around for deploying to later devices?


Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'Error Sorting Database' in the forum. 5 months ago

This simplifies things a bit...

void __fastcall TForm2::DBGridDataTitleClick(TColumn *Column) {
	String sSort = "";
	// Are we changing the column on which we are sorting?
	if (DataModule3->FDQueryData->SQL->Text.Pos(Column->FieldName)) {
		// SAME column, so we simply change the sort order...
		if (DataModule3->FDQueryData->SQL->Text.Pos(" DESC") < 1))
			sSort = " DESC";
	DataModule3->FDQueryData->SQL->Text = "SELECT * FROM SSAttendance ORDER BY " + Column->FieldName + sSort;


Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'DBGrid Paint a Row' in the forum. 5 months ago

Use the OnDrawColumnCell event of the grid


void __fastcall TfrmMain::mygridDrawColumnCell(TObject *Sender, const TRect &Rect,
		  int DataCol, TColumn *Column, TGridDrawState State)
	TDBGrid * pGrid = (TDBGrid *)Sender;
	if (State == TGridDrawState() << gdSelected << gdFocused) {
		pGrid->Canvas->Brush->Color = TColor(0x9d7544);
		pGrid->Canvas->Font->Color = clWhite;
	else {
               // Process accroding to your own colour requirements, mine works on the status of a particular
               // qty in the database but trigger you colour change how you want
		int nStatus = pGrid->DataSource->DataSet->FieldByName("qtyactuallyputaway")->AsInteger;
		if (nStatus < 10) {
			pGrid->Canvas->Brush->Color = grdColours[nStatus];
			pGrid->Canvas->Font->Color = clWindowText;
		else {
                       // Before we put down a colour check if we are using styles, you can probably skip this
			if (TStyleManager::ActiveStyle->Name != "Windows") {
				pGrid->Canvas->Brush->Color = TColor(0x383330);
				pGrid->Canvas->Font->Color = clWhite;
			else {
				pGrid->Canvas->Brush->Color = clWindow;
				pGrid->Canvas->Font->Color = clWindowText;
        // Now lets colour the grid row
	pGrid->DefaultDrawColumnCell(Rect, DataCol, Column, State);


Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'Program works one day bu not the next?' in the forum. 5 months ago

Have you installed or removed any other programs on your PC or indeed added or removed any components in the RAD IDE?

If so these often change the PATH which sometimes causes issues if previous RAD studio or third party controls have been installed


Marko Von Richards posted a comment on Targeting iOS 12 with RAD Studio 5 months ago

Albert, I have read the Google Play announcement and it does not mention blocking currently available apps, it is only for new apps or updated apps, so you still have a month or two to get an update out. When you state "basically means in a 2 months

Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'ListView is empty on Android' in the forum. 5 months ago

What version or delphi/c++ builder are you using?


Marko Von Richards replied to the topic 'Delphi Firedac SQLite Commit problem' in the forum. 5 months ago

Have you checked the SQLITE VACUUM documentation?


Have you Tried SetFocus() in the OnKeyDown field of your edit control?

if (Key == VK_RETURN)


Marko Von Richards created a new topic ' Is a basic Mac Mini useable to for Mac OSX development' in the forum. 7 months ago

I am wanting the cheapest physical option to enable me to compile mac osx and ios apps using C++ Builder 10.2.3
I have an iMac Pro at home, but want to use a cheap alternative when out and about and was wondering if the Mac Mini (cheapest current model) is able to do the job? I can't afford anything else.