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Joseph M8109 posted a comment on Delphi 10.2 in Lillestrøm, Norway 7 months ago

Is that the entire crowd?

Joseph M8109 posted a comment on Preparing for Linux 10 months ago

It's a crazy difference. Back in the days of Kylix, no one used desktop Linux but they gave us a Linux IDE and GUI support. Now in 2017 Linux is everywhere and 20% of developers code on Linux, but we're stuck with a Windows IDE and text-only support.

Joseph M8109 posted a comment on Preparing for Linux 10 months ago

Why would you two need Linux support in CBuilder? It's C++! Just compile with gcc or clang!

Isn't it licensing that has led to massive monetization challenges in the software field in the first place - specifically, open source licensing?The reality is that today most of the software people use is either open source or free for personal use

>Unlike other development tools, code written with RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder for previous >ditions of Windows can be easily updated to run on the latest version of the Microsoft OS, >without being rewritten.Please name a language in which t

Yilmaz, how is it useful? Any student or researcher can download clang for free. They can inspect and change the source code. They can use it for any purpose. They can run on and target OS X, Linux, etc., as well as Windows. They can also interface i

That's nice and all, but why would anyone choose to use a proprietary, license-restricted clang C++ compiler when they can use the open source, BSD-licensed official clang compiler that isn't limited to running on or targeting just Windows? They coul