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David, an excellent webinar!!! 5 stars from me!!! So much good things to learn and an excellent showcase for what is capable in Berlin!When can we access it on youtube, I'd like to go through it again slowly and carefully ASAP.Johan

This is the most important article I've read and something I've been looking for for a very long time regarding Delphi! In my country I am limited by the way I am officially allowed to deploy applications for Apple. This gives me more choices! Thanks

Johan Swart posted a comment on Editing Delphi Code on a Mac 8 years ago

I have been using UltraEdit for more than a decade now and am pleased to ay I enjoy using it on OSX also. I also use it to browse or read code, make notes, manipulate dats, etc. only

Automation is the flavour of the day .. how to automate ER Studio from within Delphi Seattle .. mmm?

Johan Swart created a new topic ' ER Studio Type Library import error in Seattle' in the forum. 8 years ago

I'm trying to import the ERStudio type library as per Pawel Glowacki's article into Delphi Seattle.
According to the article the ER Studio type library is also the ERSTUDIO.EXE file. The ER Studio library was not available in the list to select, so I clicked on 'Add' and selected the file manually.
After clicking Finish the library tried to import, but gave a lot of errors and did not import.
Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
I'm using:Windows 10RAD Studio Seattle (Enterprise edition)ER Studio Data Architect Developer 9.70 and ER Studio XE5 Data Architect 9.72
I would appreciate any help!Johan Swart