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Oleg T7651 created a new topic ' Exception while calling GetBlobProperties for Azur' in the forum. 5 years ago

Tried to get Blob Properties
Using code like this:
TAzureBlobService * blob_service = new TAzureBlobService(azure_conn);
TCloudResponseInfo * cloud_resp = new TCloudResponseInfo();
TQueuePropertyArray props;

props = blob_service->GetBlobProperties("global", "binaries\\1.bmp","","",cloud_resp);
int i=0;
for ( int i=0;i {
log_trace("%s=%s", props.Key, props.Value);
I am always getting exception like this:
No Mapping for the Unicode Character Exists in the target multi-byte code page.
I can download Blob just file using GetBlob, but getting properties is a problem. if Blob don't exists I get no exceptions and Cloud response info set to 404 properly with error text Blob not found. But if Bob exists I am always getting an exception. What is the problem here ?