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Markus R. replied to the topic 'Issues with inline variables and the IDE' in the forum. 5 years ago

maybe it must enabled first?


Markus R. replied to the topic '10.3 rio' in the forum. 5 years ago

because interbase to go was missing in "get it" at 10.3
i found it in 10.2 repository and copied my self.


Markus R. created a new topic ' 10.3 rio' in the forum. 5 years ago

me used the 10.3 community edition.
some issue i have at setup here

it belongs the 2 database options.
at GetIt i miss Interbase to Go download and 10.2 had FastReports there.
i did not found a Update Menu (explained in manual) from moving 10.2 to 10.3
so i installed 10.3 (i had interbase 2x then) and later i removed 10.2. complete.
me thought maybe the Interbase to Go is now part of this one interbase setup and i tryed to install the database from new and then it said something is in use for any reasion. its not possible to close the ide in background from this seup up window. it was also not possible to close the ide task from task manager.


thank you for your response.
at least i got it filtered by code yet :)
i will look what the "Filters" property is doing.

procedure TForm1.EditFilterParameterKeyUp(Sender: TObject; var Key: Word;
  var KeyChar: Char; Shift: TShiftState);

  if Key=13 then
    //FDQuery1.Params[0].AsString  := EditFilterParameter.Text;
    FDQuery1.ParamByName('filter1').AsString := EditFilterParameter.Text;



thanks, my answer before still not appears after a long time, i think its in moderated queue.


i like that new way because in other programming languages it is also possible. new wishes is: procedure Test begin var I, J as Integer I = 22 j = I + 20 ShowMessage J.ToString end

nice, thanks for this tutorial, got it working at 38:41 minutes with the help of a remark here. some button procedures was missing. in unit uFormCalculator at uses need the add of ,uCalculator at unit uCalculator i remark this // constructor Cre

hello, i am very new to delphi and starting a test app with database.
i attached a screenshot of what i am try to achieve.

i have a grid with shows data from a query component, this query have a parameter filter for use in the sql.
i will bind this text input box to my filter parameter that the grid refresh.