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Can anyone confirm that this patch will work on iOS 11.1/XCode 9.1 and C++ Builder, for me it's only working in Delphi.

Andreas Arvidsson created a new topic ' OSX Apps on older OS' in the forum. 2 years ago

On RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin, how do I compile a C++ Builder project that runs on an older OS/X like 10.8.5 if I'm using OS/X 10.11.6 myself and SDK profile says 10.11.4, Xcode 7.3.1.
If I just make a blank C++ Builder app, it will work on my Mac but on another Mac with OS/X 10.8.5 it will immediately crash saying Library not Loaded: /usr/lib/system/libsystem_malloc.dylib Reason: image not found
On the other hand making an Delphi app works on both 10.11.6 and 10.8.5 directly.
Any suggestions please.


Thank you Remy! I decided that the best workaround is to create your own "Conditional Defines" and add that to the Project Options under "C++ Compiler" --> "Directories and Conditionals" --> "Conditional defines" And to add the following lines to my header file: [code type="xml"]#if !defined(FMX) && !defined(VCL) #err...

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Hi! There is no error while installing BDE for XE8 on XE8.1, but when opening a C++ project on XE8.1 with BDE installed I get the following error: "Class TTable not found", Ignore the error or continue..." Also "BDE" is not found in the tool palette, so I belive the installation was unsuccesful after all....

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Hi All! This is a bit stupid, but still a bit anoying: I have created acommunications-library that I commonly include in many of my projects, both VCL and FMX. But depening on if I include the header file onto a VCL project or a FMX project I have to manually change the header file to either #include or #include to make it work. I was se...

I have both RAD Studio XE7 and XE8 (which I recently upgraded to update 1) running on my computer. I think those two installations shouldn't bother each as long as they are installed in separate folders. I did the same trick with my project, created a new project inXE 8.1 re-made all the design, then copy/paste all code from the old project....

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Is the BDE download for XE8 supposed to work with XE8 update 1 as well?...

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My older C++ Builder Firemonkey projects built with XE7 or XE8 will not run on android when I compile them with XE8 update 1. The app stops after showing the splash screen. However, creating a brand new C++ Firemonkey app in XE8 update 1 works. Any suggestions? Thanks!...