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Alex B. posted a comment on C++でLINQを使う 5 years ago

Hi, can you please upload an English version of your post here? It's very interesting! I still found a lot of interesting things from Japan posts here, but automatic translations does not bring justice to the meaning of articles.I kindly encourage al

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Rock and roll will never die..same as C++!

Alex B. replied to the topic 'Multithread FireDAC connections and CodeGuard' in the forum. 8 years ago

Hello everyone.
I got a feedback from Embarcadero Support.
Looks like the issue has been fixed in R10 Seattle (...).
Alex B.


Alex B. created a new topic ' Multithread FireDAC connections and CodeGuard' in the forum. 8 years ago

Hello all,
this is my first post in this new Embarcadero Comunity Forum and let me tell you that the whole thing it looks very nice.
I have a question about an issue that I posted on "Quality Central", but since I really need a fast feedback I also try this new channel and hopefully someone will help me and tell me what's wrong.
We have a multithreaded application which needs to read/write data from a MYSQL database server. According to FireDAC multithread specifications all threads use its own set of connection and database read/write objects and none of them is shared between threads. All connections use a previously defined connection definition created in a separated TFDManager component.
Everything seems to work correctly if the number of thread is small (max 10) but since the application runs hundred or thousends threads the application falls in "Out of memory" exceptions and crash, probably due to some resource leak.
Here comes the problem: I turned ON CodeGuard and everything fell apart, the application raises continuously "access violation" exceptions in a RTL module: system.pas _GetMem assembly code line 4570: "TEST EAX,EAX"
I created another small VCL example that spawn 100 threads and inside each thread it creates/opens/closes/destroys a data module with a connection component. Again, all connections use a definition previously created in another module using a TFDManager component.
Even on this small example CodeGuard causes the application to crash with access violation in the same point: System.pas line 4570: _GetMem function.
What's wrong with it?
Thanks for any help,
Alex B.


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