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Dave Clark Racing replied to the topic 'Can 10.2.3 work with XCode 10?' in the forum. 5 years ago

I am using the community edition of C++ Builder 10.2 update 3 on a windows 10 desktop. Macbook Pro has High Sierra with the latest Xcode.

I am able to build for windows, mac osx and ios. I am able to go though the sample projects and build them for ios.

Good luck trying to figure out your problem, sorry I could not help


Dave Clark Racing created a new topic ' Apple Mac OS Mojave compatibility with C++ builder' in the forum. 5 years ago

Hello All

I am using community edition of C++ Builder to build ios apps. I still have High Sierra os on my macbook pro. I am waiting before upgrading to Mojave. I read that Mojave is for 64 bit apps. Platform Assistant is 32 bit. Will there be a problem for my laptop to work with C++ Builder to make apps with Mojave?

Has anyone here upgraded without problems?

What does Embarcadero say about Mojave and Rad Studio/C++ Builder?


Dave Clark Racing created a new topic ' latest Apple Mac operating system Mojave' in the forum. 5 years ago

Hello all

I am using the community edition of C++ Builder 10.2. I have been able to make ios apps with it. I have not upgraded to the latest operating system Mac OS Mojave yet because I am worried about the process still working.
I see that Mojave is now 64 bit and might not be able to do 32 bit programs.

Has anyone here upgraded and seen that the whole process works?


Dave Clark Racing created a new topic ' Why does it take SO VERY LONG for posts to show up' in the forum. 5 years ago

Hello All

Like the subject says: Why does it take so very long for a new post to show up in the forums. On the weekend when we are trying to get stuff done, the new post takes hours if ever. Also, there is no way to check if the post went out. Also the post does not show up in profiles.

Whats up?
Am I doing something wrong?
It shouldn't be this hard.

Thanks for a good product, but can you tune up the forum?


Hello all

I am still working on this. I tried the

if (Key == VK_RETURN)

it does move the focus to the 2nd edit box but not to the next. Maybe I need to getfocus and change a count to the next focus in the tab order. I would think this problem was solved along time ago. I am just a beginner so I am struggling with most everything. I have 4 edit boxes and 1 button, so I would like to go to the next tab ordered control and then start over.


if ( (Key == VK_RETURN) )
Key = 0;

works for VCL components but does not work for the firemonkey components for some reason C++ builder does not get past the "perform" statement

Any one know of something easy that I am missing.

Thanks again for any help.


Hello All

I just installed the latest version of the community edition of C++ Builder 10.02. I am making a calculation app. It has four Edit boxes and one Button. All is working. I have the Tabs set and they advance to the next Edit box. I would like the return key to also advance the focus to the next box after inputting the numbers. I am using FireMonkey components and using C++

Any help would be very much apprenticed.