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Clinton J posted a comment on New in 10.2.2: Dark IDE Theme! 5 years ago

It seems like the custom IDE font provided by the ModernTheme registry key is gone (weird, since the ModernTheme package is still part of the IDE, I assume it handles themeing now?)I tried creating a custom theme with custom font selections, but none

Wouldn't it be even easier if they updated the customize toolbars dialog so we could just drop the combobox onto whatever toolbar we wanted? I can not seem to find it anywhere in the list.Might be a good area to focus on next for IDE improvements!

Clinton J posted a comment on The New Release Pattern 6 years ago

Imagine trying to get a signoff on an update subscription that does not provide updates. Update Subscription will probably need a rebrand.

Very well written!Any chance you add the suggested scalings for MacOS and IOS as well? That is about all that I feel is missing from this great write up.

Is it VCL or FMX?