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Milen L posted a comment on New in RAD Studio 10.2.1: C++ Improvements 4 years ago

Thank you for your prompt reply David.Best regards, Milen

Milen L posted a comment on New in RAD Studio 10.2.1: C++ Improvements 4 years ago

Hi David,Appreciations for your great work in Embarcadero for C++ Builder to continue to be state of the art instrument.Could you tell me please how to check the Clang version used in C++ Builder 10.2.1 Installation?Thank you

I have already migrated some of my small projects to 10.2. With previous versions (including 10.1) I encountered two issues: 1. If IDE is opened by opening .cbproj linking faild. IDE should be opened first. 2. Frequently after the sequence "Make->Suc

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Thank you Sarina for clean and practical example. It is exceptionally helpful. Milen

Milen L posted a comment on Appx Development for Windows 10 Store 5 years ago

Hi Pawel, Many respects to your work and presentation. It is clear and concise. But I am a bit anxious about this overcomplicated procedure. Some kind of déjà vu, as installing new network card 20 years ago. No, this is not RAD Studio issue, but migh

InterBase is a scalable and reliable RDBMS. Thank yo InterBase team at Embarcadero.

Clear and precise explanation of critical concept. Thank you David, Jim and Embarcadero.

Milen L created a new topic ' C++ Builder Developer's Journal' in the forum. 5 years ago

One year pass without C++ Builder Developer's Journal fresh issues.
A real loss for C++ Builder developers... A loss of ideas, knowledge and how-to treasure...


Thank you for this example and the project as a whole.

The content of comments are cut off at "less than" angle bracket. Would be good such restrictions to be removed.

Again the content of my comment is cut off when posted. Here is the link:

As well as restriction of maximum number of digits.

Refactoring of TCalculator::AddDecimalSeparator() The 'magic' constant -1 in if statement is replaced by std::wstring::nposvoid TCalculator::AddDecimalSeparator() { if(strValue.find(STR_DECIMAL_SEPARATOR) == std::wstring::npos) { ...P

Soon we will need at least one Clear Button.

Dear David,The boost is great library but I am not sure we need it here at least till now. As well as the Accumulator class. These both are complications of your beautiful example except, of course, your goal is to show such techniques in action.Ther

The 'Hungarian notation' convention missed after posting of above my comment probably because of angle brackets I have used in it.

Would be better as well to rename the form name from Form1 to something like frmMain. The style borrowed from so called ‘Hungarian notation’ when := . Thank you David for your precise style.

Brilliant tutorial. Should only note in FMX layout editor I miss VCL layout editor’s component boundaries alignment lines.

Really very useful material for changing the C++ style of programming to modern C++. Thank you David for his efforts. P.S. Another good point is