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yes I understood but I'm looking for functions for copy seleccted text and autopaste it to any variableFor example you have selected text and press the buttom. It's called tranformation function whit selected word.

Without manually copying and pasting

Sarina, I want to start programm_1 on the ipad, copy a string to clipboard, start programm_2 and past string from the clipboard to text field.

Hi Sarina. Thanks for your blogs. I have a small question about ClipBoard for iOS and Android. How to copy Text information from iOS/Android Clipboard to TEdit field? For example login information to TEdit login field.

Sarina, thanks for the answers. I solved the problem.I stopped before the issue: how to show my gps(agps...) position on the map and control it? I found on TMapView ControlOption.MyLocation property. I switched on it, but didn't get any reaction.

Hi, I tested you code and get an error for 'for Marker in FMarkers do' => E2010 Incompatible types: 'TMapMarker' and 'Pointer'and could you help me with deleting all markers on the map.