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csaezl replied to the topic 'Delphi 7 debugging issue' in the forum. 5 months ago

Thank you for your information.
The development environment is a VMware VM with XP SP3 installed. The computer OS is Windows 8.1

I know for sure that if I restart all new, It is going to work. I'd need some advice to look for some file, registry entry or whatever that may have changed due to the issue and that I could recover.

This time, since I have a VM backup copy made before the problem arised, I'm lucky because I can recover it and apply the files that have changed since then.

So, if someone can tell me what files or registry entries could be corrupted, I can compare both installations and try to get some conclusion that could be useful to someone else, me incluided..

Thank you


csaezl created a new topic ' Delphi 7 debugging issue' in the forum. 5 months ago

While debugging, I made some changes to the code and after a time I pressed CTRL-F2 to stop the debugging session. I got a message concerning debugging time out. I continued making changes to the code, compilled and run the program again, with the debugger activated.
Then I got two error messages:

Access violaton at address 0052C314 in module 'coreide70.bpl'. Read of address 000000AC
Access violaton at address 0082A534 in module 'vcl70.bpl'. Write of address 00000018

I closed the IDE, started it again a got the same result (even reinit the machine).
If the program is run from the IDE with the debugger deactivated, no error occurs. And no errors when running the program from outside the IDE.
So,my situation s that I can't debug the program.
I'd appreciate some holp.
Thank you


csaezl created a new topic ' TurboPower's XML Partner forum' in the forum. 8 months ago

Is there a TurboPower's XML Partner forum to post a question?