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Joko Pitoyo posted a comment on Mobile App Navigation with TTabControl 5 years ago

Howto change tabHeight? i try to change tabHeight from default 49 to 54 but i can't

DrawerMultiview problem, when main menu contain TMapView

Please add support for mobile google map like, customize infowindow, google streetview and many more...

Joko Pitoyo created a new topic ' TMapMarker Title' in the forum. 8 years ago

How to add more line to TMapMarker Title, currently TMapmarker title too simple, any other way to do that?


Default marker title very simple, i try to replace title with placed TCalloutPanel on top of MapView but always question is possible using TCalloutpanel to show more information about marker using TCalloutPanel?TIA.

Helo Sarina,Can you help me how to set icon using Imagelist, i have try to do that but error:descr:=TMarkerDescriptor; //get image index=0 with 32x32 pixel descr.icon:=ImageList1.Bitmap(TSizeF.create(32,32),0);what wrong with my code Regards J.P

Hello Sarina Thank you very much, now i can delete marker from my map, but how to move marker without delete marker, i have try to change lat/lng from MarkerDescriptor properties but icon not move,Regards J.P

Howto move created marker, or remove after create markerThank You