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Delete the SDK's you have in your Public\Embarcardero folder.

Then with xcode 9.2 and command line tools installed on your MAC, start the PA server and configure the connection for your IOS platform type. Either 32 or 64 bit etc. Test the connection, and the first time you compile, the SDK will transfer from the MAC.

I also had some trouble with my provisioning profiles. But I was able to get around these by making a basic app in Xcode. Xcode then generated a wildcard App, and the required provisioning profiles. Delphi was then able to access those profiles, visible in the Tools, Options, Provisioning section.


Downgrading to 9.2 Xcode and command line tools does fix the issue. Available from the developer downloads area at developer.apple.com.

This also means you'll have to downgrade your test devices too.