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Vadim S61834 created a new topic ' Custom manifest in UWP apps for Microsoft Store' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

I pack my Windows application in appx file using Deployment Manager. When I try to upload it to Microsoft Store, it fails with the following message:

"You don't have permissions to specify the following namespaces in the appx manifest file of the package MyApp.appx: restricted namespace: "

I try to edit the automatically generated file AppxManifest.xml (removing the "Capabilities" section from it, or completely replacing its contents with a standard pattern from RAD Studio help), change the manifest file name and specify the manifest setting as "Custom". Still, the result is the same: Microsoft Store doesn't like the line about "restricted capabilities", though now this line isn't supposed to be there at all.

It really looks like an appx file always contains a standard, automatically generated manifest, even when I try to specify it in my own way.

Any advice?