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I'll send you an email. The login for the support form doesn't work (using either username or email address). The password reset form also never sends a reset link. My current password works for the forums and Jira without issue.

I now have an example project I can share privately that compiles (on my machine) in 15s using bcc32 and 2m6s using bcc64.Who should I contact and how should I contact them?

I hope to be able to put together a sample for you later today.We have observed the speed issue with all our projects that we changed to bcc64 or bcc32c. The example times I gave in my previous comment were from a project I selected because it's one

I'll see if I can get permission to share an example with you but it's not hard to see. Taking one of our base libraries on my machine as an example: bcc32 takes 18s from clean to build, bcc32c takes 2m32s, and bcc64 takes 2m29s. That's almost 8.5 ti

"... your project should be using the Clang compilers"Has RSP-16827 been fixed? In 10.2.2 the Clang compilers are unusable. If new features rely on them then the new features are unusable too.

Does this version include any improvements to compile speeds when using the Clang compilers? (RSP-16827)