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Here's how to GET RID OF THE WELCOME SCREEN - a bunch of other stuff too. Ugh - finally. And it was easier than expected. I hope that helps someone.

Matthew G60405 created a new topic ' Duplicate items in the Component Toolbar' in the forum. 9 months ago

Will someone please tell me how to remove duplicate items (icons) from the component toolbar? I've been putting up with this since I installed C++ Builder 10.2 v 25.0.27659.1188 last year. It doesn't seem to interfere with the compiler - but it does interfere with me just because it bugs me.

View->Component Toolbar - does not work when I click on it.

Shift+Alt+P - does not work when I type it.

Tools->Options->Environment Options->Component Toolbar - does bring up the list of tabbed groups and their respective component labels (icons) - but there is no way that I can tell to remove duplicates. I'm afraid to click on Reset to default order since there seems to be an issue here. When I select an item the delete button stays greyed out.

I have already read on the forum that they can't be removed anyway. Why on earth not?

Please see attached photo to see what I am talking about.

Thanks for any help.

Matthew - valued customer.



Ugh! There has to be a way to get rid of the stupid welcome screen. I have zero use for it. When I need information I go elsewhere anyway... except in this case = when I need information to get rid of it.I tried setting the Default Layout.dst file to

@Alain - well... that makes anything I do 'next' use the layout I prefer. But the Welcome screen still appears every single time I run the compiler. There is absolutely nothing I will ever need in the welcome screen. It is just flat out annoying. Got