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For me it was easier to fix by right-clicking the toolbars: -> Customize -> select the Desktop toolbar and reset it.

It is always good to point out resources. It was still a sad month for C++ Builder when Damon Chandler announced that December 2015 was the last issue of the C++ Builder Journal ( The reasons were entirely financial. It probably wou

One of Git's greatest strengths is its easy and capable branching functions. It is not at all clear to me if or how the IDE supports it. I see no advantage in using the IDE rather than Git Bash, especially since the file diff functionality appears b

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Happens to me on and off when several (>10) files are open. A real pain. You have to carefully close a couple of files, shut down the IDE, reopen, repeat ... and don't get too greedy. After this, I can reopen many files for a while before the problem recurs. Good luck with QC but they will most likely respond with "cannot reproduce" as it is an ...

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Good to know ... but I think it would be more important to fix the new memory leaks apparently caused by Livebindings after the XE8 update 1. Please check the forums (I currently can't even get to the original post as forums seem to be down) or bette