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Al Taylor posted a comment on Deep Delphi Discussions 4 years ago

far in advance before C++ and others.?? Not so, as C++ Builder brings all the same advantages. I develop and Maintain a significant set of Applications for a National Rental Company on my own, and keep up fairly well. We are never more than one ver

Al Taylor posted a comment on Using an IDE: Getting back to code faster 5 years ago

Hi Mary, Now I know why I have been using C++ Builder since Ver 1 (23 years I think). So why did I read this? Because you wrote it. Respect! My Raspberry Pi project needs Linux, so I write in C++ Builder, drop it out and build with gcc. Hurry alon

Al Taylor posted a comment on Exciting RAD Studio Developments in 2018 5 years ago

Trying not to sound like a endless loop, no mention of Android services or Linux for C++ Builder. Must we remain second class citizens?

Al Taylor posted a comment on New in 10.2.2: Dark IDE Theme! 5 years ago

Its Christmas. its Ok to throw a tantrum if I didn't get what I wanted! The IDE is important to EMB. Its what you sell, but really, it works. Can we move 100 % of the effort into providing solutions for our customers, so we are successful and tell t

Al Taylor posted a comment on New in 10.2.2: Dark IDE Theme! 5 years ago

Ok, You did tell us you preferred to re-work the C++ compiler first. You kind of stopped communicating things C++ in the way you started out, and from a C++ Builder perspective, this makes me nervous. History! Maybe give the Road Map a tweak so we c

Al Taylor posted a comment on New in 10.2.2: Dark IDE Theme! 5 years ago

Hi David, its all Delphi! what happened to C++. Have you deserted us? Will our customers benefit from a smarter IDE. probably not! A better DataSnap, with a Linux compiler, Android Services from C++ Builder. Yes, for sure! But no. We get a dark

Al Taylor posted a comment on RAD Studio 10.2.2 Released Today 5 years ago

Hi Sarina, No Android services for C++ Builder, No Linux for C++ Builder!! Have we been abandoned again officially or did it just happen? I always want to make positive comments about the effort you all make, but its getting harder to keep the chin

Not much here for the Marketing team, but we appreciate it. Makes our day easier. It may be time for a State Of The Nation address on C++ DataSnap and Android Services and other areas where we have fell behind. Encourage us a little.

You always write interesting articles Craig, but I can't get this one to open for read. Maybe it needs a prod somewhere???

Keep hitting the wall with smart pointers
Latest show stopper was passing std::shared_ptr to this as a weak_ptr.
make_shared and make_unique are not...
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Al Taylor posted a comment on C++Builder 10.2 is out! 6 years ago

Where Humans David. We don't see what we have, only what we missed out on. Android Services, Refactoring and DataSnap on Linux are the big ones. Keep banning on the door for us until they hear you. Oh! and good effort!

Al Taylor posted a comment on The New Release Pattern 6 years ago

Hi Nick, I was one who cried loud and long about having to reinstall everything twice a year, but the non breaking way you are doing it now works like magic. Press the big button and go home to bed. Good As!

David1 I didn't know you were a Skip! What part of Australia did you wander through? Excellent read by the way. Al.

Is there a replay somewhere Marco. 4 am was too early for me! Al

C++ Builder Seattle : Total Lines : 1,950,319,344 Success Elapsed time: 00:07:42.2 462.2 seconds / 1950 mil = 0.237 I win!

Well, That is good news. Welcome back Nick!

Al Taylor posted a comment on 128 Strong! 7 years ago

C++ Builder has long been a hidden and unwanted child. Now you see the potential. Great. its good, tell the world, and we must. Another American Company, Faircom, is fighting against the same Giants as you are, and holding its own. Why not be bro

With respect, to suggest that EMBT give away their product suggests it has no value. I dispute that. Should EMBT's very clever team work for free. No! If you chose to, thats your call,. The rest of us toil to generate wealth. The more the better.

Its a great confidence booster when you can see there's someone steering the ship. For the C++ Builder oppressed minority group, its great to see C++ Builder being given some love. From what I see and read, almost no one knows just how productive RAD