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George S57466 created a new topic ' REST Calls - Abort or Timeout for calls > 30 seconds' in the forum. 1 year ago

I have written a REST service. It takes 2 parameters, one of which is a table/report name. If the volume of data is small, then data is downloaded. If the volume of data is large, a request ID is returned, and the app will then deal with that...

When I use POSTMAN, everything works fine, long running requests return the request ID from the REST Service. When I wrote my own application, I ran into an issue if the request takes > 30 seconds, so I switched to the RESTDebugger that comes with Delphi (Tokyo). The issue is that if the call returns in less than 30 seconds, everything works fine, I get either data (for short reports) or Request IDs for longer reports. If the call takes more than 30 seconds (and 30 seconds may not be the exact cutoff number), the REST Service call fails. The report I am running returns in 32 seconds. It runs fine on POSTMAN. Smaller reports runs fine on RESTDebugger (15 seconds or so). The reports are literally just a 'select * from table' at this point, so there is no possibility of bad SQL, It appears that there is a timeout somewhere, but only the RESTRequest component that has a timeout. This is set to 0, which should be 'no timeout'. RESTDebugger does not give me any error. When I try to trap an exception in my app, I get a status return code of 0. How do I debug this, or is there a known culprit?