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Ryan S57464 created a new topic ' Combine TXMLDocument's' in the forum. 4 months ago

I have a master XML document which I produce results from my program. I have to interface with a COM object that returns a separate XML document, which I parse and "try" to combine with my main document. Is there a elegant way to combine these two documents?

I have tried taking the document element from the second document and setting it as a child node as I would like to have the master document. This actually produces a valid master document, and will save the XML in a valid context. I could write the code to copy the data from document to document, but it seems this is 95% there.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Ryan S57464 created a new topic ' Combine multiple TXMLDocument's' in the forum. 4 months ago

C++ Builder first off....

I have a two documents that I need to combine, the master and the external. The master is built as the program progresses, and the external is a returned xml string from a COM object, which I parse into a new TXMLDocument. Everything works as long as I don't want to change the master after I have added the external xml's elements, so this isn't a good solution. Since the document is assigned to the xml element upon creation, and some elements have a different document, and this is where things break.

I don't see any documentation related to reassigning the TXMLDocument. I know I can write some code copy the data from TXMLDocument to TXMLDocumt, however this is a large undertaking as the different type of elements and child elements.

Is there a easy way to fix this?