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Nic Paul replied to the topic 'Does embarcadero support schema versioning ?' in the forum. 7 years ago

Usually the best way of handling that scenario is to create a view called "tblCustomerMaster" that points to a "base_tblCustomerMaster".
As you add additional columns (or even delete or rename columns), you update [size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]"base_tblCustomerMaster", create a view called [/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]"tblCustomerMasterV2" with the new changes in, and update the original [/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]"tblCustomerMaster" to handle the changes (only needed if you have renamed or deleted columns).[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]I hope that makes sense.[/size]
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Nic Paul replied to the topic 'Cannot override attachment value on Transformation' in the forum. 7 years ago

Hi George,
You need to Add the BoundAttachment first, then you can access it and set the ValueOverride.
It would have worked for your Attributes example if the attribute already had the attachment bound.


Nic Paul replied to 8 years ago

Hi George, I've got a macro for that...