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Danijel Premus replied to the topic 'WebAssembly' in the forum. 5 years ago

Ted wrote: What was your expectation?
The TIdIoTEverythingImaginable component isn't a reality just yet, but if you take your expectations and start something on GitHub (or similar), you could be the driver in developing a component suite for WASM support.

Ted, supporting WASM is not possible with some component. WASM is bytecode that runs in the browser I am talking about new compiler target, so I can't change Delphi compiler this code is not open source.

WASM is an official standard from W3C Working Group webassembly.org/ , so I'm not talking about supporting
some framework that is currently popular. Mayor web browsers already support WASM. WASM is industrial standard like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I'm talking about minimal effort for Embarcadero to support leading-edge technology. LLVM compiler to WASM exists, and Delphi already supports generating LLVM and If Embarcadero port FMX to OpenGL ES we will be able to run FMX applications natively in the browser. Another good thing is that Delphi doesn't have a garbage collector and that simplifies generating WASM code. C and C++ already run in the browser.

Ted wrote: How many new frameworks have you seen since D1? How many are still alive?

The only thing that is constant from D1 until now that we still haven't "undo" in the form designer. :)


Danijel Premus created a new topic ' WebAssembly' in the forum. 5 years ago

QT already porting their framework to WASM.

RemObjects Oxygene already has a compiler for WASM.

I can't figure why Embarcadero doesn't see this big opportunity for FireMonkey. Finally, is possible to have real RAD tool for the web without compiling to JavaScript but you ignore this.

I'm using Delphi since version 1.0 and Turbo Pascal since version 3 and I really love Delphi but I was disappointed.