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bfrost created a new topic ' Delphi 10 Seattle consuming CPU when idle' in the forum. 8 years ago

I've installed Delphi 10 Seattle in a Windows 10 VM in VMWare. It all runs fine, but I kept noticing that when I resumed the VM, Delphi could not find source files, sometimes it could not see the DPR. This 'File not found' error was reported across a range of project source files, seemingly randomly. I soon discovered that I could cure the problem by restarting the VM - everything then worked fine, until the next time I suspended and resumed. This was a nuisance and never happened with Delphi XE8 in a Windows 8 VM. So I dug deeper. I've found that upon resume, task manager in the VM shows 'Windows Driver Foundation - User mode driver framework host process' at around 16% CPU and about the same % assigned to Seattle. If I terminate the 'Windows Driver Foundation - User mode driver framework host process' manually, my problem goes away, so it's use of CPU is obviously connected to the File Not Found errors. Can anyone suggest what connects Delphi with this host process and why it stops on a restart, but is consuming CPU after a VM resume? Thanks Brian.