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I really like the dark theme.

RolandK posted a comment on Farewell Paweł Głowacki 5 years ago

I never met him in person, but he helped me a lot with the content he created during his lifetime for the Delphi community. Believing that death is a transition and not the end - I'll say it with Uwes words ... "Happy coding on the other side." May y

RolandK posted a comment on RAD Studio 10.2.2 Released Today 5 years ago

Please have the download also available for All Access Gold etc. users. They are at the moment only available to the XE license. Which is not correct. All Access Gold also entitles to RAD Studio Architect.

Hi Bob, this is what Dmitry had to say about that once ... With some Rad Studio versions you get the source of the fddrivers and it would probably be the best approach to have a loo

Hi, thanks for answering. Already had a conversation with sales.Best regardsRoland

Hi Sarina, do you have a tentative pricing for this awesome offer?Roland

RolandK added a reply in discussion datasnap upload... 9 years ago

Hi Jorge, Robert and David. It should also be an option to chunk the data to be send and pass it with sequence parameters in an invocation style. Lets say the data to send is "1234567890" and you chunk it 1-"123" 2-"456" 3-"789" 4-"0" To do propper controling you send a expected chunkcount parameter ...