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Troy G5133 replied to the topic 'Programming Editor (VIM)' in the forum. 5 years ago

Any word on this? Not to be a pain the butt, but... Don't all real programmers use VIM? ;)
It doesn't seem sane to have an IDE without emacs and vim keybindings these days. Don't choose a side in the war, just support both. I am not sure if I can name any other IDE which doesn't support these keybindings and I really miss my VIM when I still have to boot a Windows VM to write Windows code in RAD Studio.
Thank you for considering.


Troy G5133 replied to the topic 'trouble posting a question' in the forum. 8 years ago

I also had trouble. I have a one line edit box (which I'm guessing is only for the subject) and a [Toggle Editor] link below which does nothing. I see this error in the Chrome debugger:

"Failed to load:" tiny_mce.js:8718:5

When I try to hit that URL, it starts to load something, but then times out.

Troy G5133 created a new topic ' Programming Editor (VIM)' in the forum. 8 years ago

For all my IDEs, except RAD Studio (that I can find), I can get VIM programming editor emulation (vrapper for Eclipse; ideavim for Intellij; jvi for JBuilder(PrimeTime) environments). Is there any plan to provide VIM support in RAD Studio? Or have I missed it somewhere? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction or for considering if not yet available.

(also, just a note, the "Ask a Question" section on the front page really doesn't work. In my Chrome debugger I get:
"Failed to load:" tiny_mce.js:8718:5")

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