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Well, Light and Dark themes are almost useful. "Almost" - because blue and dark themes are not my favorites. Well, they work at least. But, when you "polished" Light and Dark themes, you'd ruined Non-Themed IDE design and killed many of Custom Themes

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Panel.ClipChildren := True


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Menu "Project"->"Options"->"Delphi Compiler"->"Output Directory".
Default directory: ".\$(Platform)\$(Config)", change to "" (empty) or elsewhere.


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Delphi for Linux Server! Great Scott!


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It's because of leak of system resources. Carefuly explore your's (written by you or your colleagues) and 3rd party control's classes (TGraphicControl, TWinControl, TControl), find the places where resources acquired and check them to be properly released after use (use 'try..finally..end'). Search in Paint(), CustomDraw() etc. methods of co...

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Is it possible to customise those new cute skyblue toolbar color and new pretty huge font size of toolbar / tool palette / object inspector? For now, XE8 UI (especially with different desktop themes) is really UI (Ugly Interface).