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Just to make sure: Are the tools currently included in Architect (DB PowerStudio, ER/Studio) replaced by the new ones (Aqua, ExtJS, Ranorex) or are those simply added?

Uwe Raabe posted a comment on Removing the Community toolbar 5 years ago

David, you mention RAD Studio 10.3, but at least to my knowledge that is currently not available.

Uwe Raabe posted a comment on Four Humble Ideas for Embarcadero 6 years ago

I fully agree with the Open Source/GitHub idea and I would be among the first ones to apply for a reviewer position. This would dramatically reduce the work load of the internal developers who can then concentrate on the compiler and IDE. Perhaps we

Du solltest die Schreibweise des Vornamens eures General Manager nochmal überprüfen...

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"If you cross a river you have to leave one side." (Mahatma Gandhi) Happy coding on the other side, Pawel!

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