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RezaN replied to the topic 'Delphi X8 bugs' in the forum. 8 years ago

Thank you for replying. I managed finally resolve the problem. I really hope that it was the final solution for me this time and I'm very happy at this moment to be able to continue with my project after 3 weeks of nightmare. I have edited my topic and expalined how the problem was solved. Please read it again.
Reza Nasouri

RezaN created a new topic ' Delphi X8 bugs' in the forum. 8 years ago

I have huge problems with Delphi xe8 and iOS with 64-platform. I have done everything with it just gets worse. I can not compile with Develop provision without getting the error "out of memory". After that Delphi hangs and get terminated. I can not Deploy deploy on device or iTuneconnect. the att get terminated at start.

I've recreated the project file and add the forms and itdose not help.

I do not have any CR in the entitlement file.

any suggestions?