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Ioannis A44051 replied to the topic 'Cannot Target Win x64 Delphi Community Ed' in the forum. 4 years ago

Thanks Remy, and yes I know that win x64 is a supported platform.
I found the way to do it.
It is a bit of a strange because it seems it can be done only this way and no other
way (menus, settings , etc).
In the project manager you have to right -click the "platform win x32" entry and in the menu that opens you
choose to add the win x64 support. If you know what to do is super easy.
But I found no other way to do it. Not through the menus nor the toolbars anywhere.
and this makes it kind of difficult to discover it.
But when you know is super easy!!!!!
Thanks, everyone!!!


Ioannis A44051 created a new topic ' Cannot Target Win x64 Delphi Community Ed' in the forum. 4 years ago

Well, first of all congratulations for the release of the community Editions.
I have already download Delphi Community Edition and installed Win x32 and x64 support
BUT no matter what I do It seems I cannot enable a win x64 build.
As a last resort I uninstalled Win x32 support and I left only Win x64 support installed
but the IDE stills shows my builds as win32. Is this a typographic mistake or am I doing
something wrong? Please help...

Intell i5- 4460, 16GB RAM, Samsung 850 Evo SSD 512, Win x64 HOME


Ioannis A44051 created a new topic ' I want to Upgrade winx64 but NOT TO Prefessional..' in the forum. 5 years ago

well, as the topic says, I have Delphi Starter which is win x86 and I would love to
have/use the delphi x64 windows toolchain BUT NOT BY upgrading to DELPHI professional version.
I'm NOT a professional AND I only want to work in win64 desktop or Store.
So I just cant justify the expense to upgrade to the Pro version (~ 1.800 Euros)
Is There any way? some upgrade process, IDE plugin or Addon to buy to make this possible???
It is not deal breaker actually as i'm really just a hobbist but I wouldn't mind paying
100 or 200 etc euros to get the Delphi x64....