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I've tried creating custom styles in the past and I'm having a real hard time with one thing. Whenever I have a custom style with an image/glyph in it I can't figure out the correlation between the width and height of the image vs that as defined in

Mark B4183 posted a comment on New in 10.2.2: installer enhancements 12 months ago

I purchased C++Builder for Berlin (C++Builder + Delphi) but I let it C++ lapse when I didn't use it. Still have Delphi. Now when I run Tokyo it presents me with the license manager to register C++Builder every time. How do I stop it from showing m

Mark B4183 created a new topic ' TProtoTypeBindSourceAdapter' in the forum. 2 years ago

I'm having trouble binding a TEdit to an object using TPrototypeBindSource. The problem appears to be that the TEdit doesn't AutoEdit/AutoPost.

Here ( it seems to indicate the same problem I'm seeing with a potential solution, but the solution of calling

TLinkObservers.ControlChanged( Sender as TComponent );

in the TEdit.OnChange doesn't appear to work.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue?

I'm using Berlin Update 1 (too lazy to install Update 2 for the moment)



Very good question!

Mark B4183 created a new topic ' Mouse Cursor in Editor using Berlin on Windows 7' in the forum. 2 years ago

I've been using Seattle/Berlin on Windows 2008 Server with no problem.

Just recently installed Berlin on a Windows 7 VM and I can no longer see the mouse cursor in the editor window once you move it towards the middle of the widow.
I can see it in all other windows within Delphi, just not the editor.
Anybody else and is there a fix for this?


Mark B4183 created a new topic ' iPad 2 Simulator' in the forum. 4 years ago

Just wondering, have started iOS development and when I launch the app for the iPAD on the simulator it starts the iPAD Air simulator. Any way to select iPad 2 as a target and thus force the iPAD 2 simulator to launch?