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Is RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2 the same as RAD Studio 10.1.2 Berlin?

DRDirks posted a comment on FireMonkey vs. VCL 2 years ago

Often, when you run your app controls aren't aligned where you put them or they're different sizes, etc.

DRDirks posted a comment on FireMonkey vs. VCL 2 years ago

The thing about FireMonkey that really bugs me is that it's so mouse-centric in the IDE. For instance, you have your main form with several controls on it. Click on one, then press F12 to go to the source editor. Then press F12 again. The control you

DRDirks replied to the topic 'FMX-TListView, switching between Windows & Android' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thank you Sabrina! It's working both in Win32 and Android.


DRDirks created a new topic ' FMX-TListView, switching between Windows & Android' in the forum. 3 years ago

I've created an app using Windows as the Master. I dropped a TListView on the form and customized it using the new Toggle Design Mode. I added a TImageObjectAppearance and several TTextObjectAppearance items. I added code to set the image for the [size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]TImageObjectAppearance[/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px] and the text items have various font sizes and style.[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]When I compile it for Win32 and run it eveything looks great. [/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]When I switch the Style to Android and the View to Android 10" Tablet the IDE throws this error:[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]"[/size]Cannot assign a TAppearanceObjectItem to a TAppearanceObjectItem.[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]"[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]The View still says Android 10" Tablet but the actual view on the form is still a Windows form.[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]So my first question is what the heck is that error all about? I thought Delphi was supposed to be able to compile to all these different targets/devices using the same code. That's certainly not happening. But wait, there's more...[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]So I switched back to Style: Windows and View: Master. I clicked on the [/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]TImageObjectAppearance [/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]item on the form and pressed the Delete key and I got this error:[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]"Cannot delete a persistent reference from the designer."[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]But if you click on the item in the Structure window and press Delete it deletes just fine. Bug? I would say so. Anyway, there's more.[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]I deleted the [/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]TImageObjectAppearance[/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px] item from the Structure window and then switched back to Style: Android and View: Android 10" Tablet and guess what...I get the same error. But there is not [/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]TImageObjectAppearance[/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px] on the form! [/size][size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]Nutsoid. [/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]So I completely delete the TListView custom items in Windows | Master view and start fresh using Android 10" Tablet view. I add all the custom appearance objects, including the TImageObjectAppearnce.[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]But when I compile it for a 10" Android tablet and run it on my Galaxy Tab S2, 1) No images appear.[/size]
[size= 12.16px; line-height: 15.808px]Here's the code I wrote to set the images. (There are 3 TImage components on the form that I use for the TImageObjectAppearance items.) This code works just fine when compiling for Win32.[/size]

MGDL: Integer;
LObject: TListItemImage;

LObject := Result.Objects.FindObjectT('imgRating');
LObject.Bitmap := TBitmap.Create;

if MGDL < 70 then
else if (MGDL >= 70) and (MGDL <= 130) then
else if (MGDL > 130) and (MGDL <= 180) then


My second question is why does the above code not work when compiling for Android and what's the proper way to assign images to a TImageObjectAppearance in code?



DRDirks replied to the topic 'Favorite projects in the XE8 Welcome page?' in the forum. 3 years ago

I don't understand the need to rearrange the welcome page in the first place. It's been virtually the same up to XE7 and then someone gets a wild hair and decides to remove and/or move functionality? Why? It certainly doesn't make those functions easier to use or get to.
I think there are a lot more important things Embarcadero could be focusing on like making the FMX IDE more keyboard friendly. I'm constantly having to move my hand from my keyboard to the mouse to do the simplest things that are second nature keyboard functions in the VCL IDE. Drives me crazy!