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I'd like to add my name to the disappointed list. Most releases these days get just one update, rarely 2, possibly none. From what I remember XE2 had 4 updates, 2010 had 5. Gone are the days when much effort is put in to fixing anything "before the n

Thanks for the info (including the FWIW) If the hotfix isn't 10.2.1 is there a release date for the full patch?BTW : As mentioned I've been googling for a while now so... * I had already tried modifying the app scanning features, didn't work. * I th

having seen the roadmap 10.2.1 & 10.2.2 are both due this year is the hotfix listed above tokyo 10.2.1? If not when's it dueCurrently my ilink32 works on Seattle but not Tokyo (LME200) and I read (having done a lot of googling on the subject) that il