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I do appreciate there's two sides to every coin...which is why I have raised a ticket with them (as follows)ID INC000008132530, I have a few different versions of RAD Studio (Produced by Embarcadero) the latest RAD Studio 10.2 and 10.2.1 (Tokyo) both

FYI (further to my original post) : I just installed 10.2.1. Linker issues are the same with Kaspersky Total Security 2017 [ on win 10 x64]. I have also confirmed it's likely an AV issue as I do not have the same problem on a VM using the

Whilst this is something I've already said it looks like this might be an opportunity to show some solidarity on something that needs to be addressed. There needs to be balance between pushing out new features (in conjunction with a new release) and

Reply to comment posted today (Reply buttons available "randomly" in both Firefox and ie?) The quantity of updates to a degree is not important as long as issues identified in the release are always resolved rather than fixed "in the next version"...

Try not to get confused, this is re your next comment to me (there's no reply button??)Most large companies don't like to touch new os's till there's a patch or two...because nobody's perfect so there will be issues that need resolving. This is why t

I'd like to add my name to the disappointed list. Most releases these days get just one update, rarely 2, possibly none. From what I remember XE2 had 4 updates, 2010 had 5. Gone are the days when much effort is put in to fixing anything "before the n

Thanks for the info (including the FWIW) If the hotfix isn't 10.2.1 is there a release date for the full patch?BTW : As mentioned I've been googling for a while now so... * I had already tried modifying the app scanning features, didn't work. * I th

having seen the roadmap 10.2.1 & 10.2.2 are both due this year is the hotfix listed above tokyo 10.2.1? If not when's it dueCurrently my ilink32 works on Seattle but not Tokyo (LME200) and I read (having done a lot of googling on the subject) that il