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Okay i found a fix, primative as it may be, set the position.X of the webbrowser to -500 or whatever so its not shown.
then when you want it visible, se thte position.X to 0
make sure that you also handle the webbrowser alignment from code so by default the alignment should be none


thanks, does this work on android and ios and also how do i install in rad studio 10.2



Im using a webbrowser in my listview, when i click on an item, it opens the link in the webbrowser. The problem is that when i want to close or hide the webbrowser, and go back to the listview (by making the webbrowser visible := false, the app hangs and i cant click anywhere or do anything.

How can i get around this?


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hi are there any solutions to this?


Hi SArina, how do i prepopulate the To (as in the telephone number for the text message) with the telephone number from a label?