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SW D32242 posted a comment on UI Changes in the IDE's View menu 6 years ago

" Productivity is often based on consistency and expectation, which means that once a UI element is placed, users are used to where it is and use it and access it subconsciously and by habit, and so changes can interrupt a user's workflow. " Amen! -

SW D32242 posted a comment on 22 Years of Delphi and it Still Rocks 6 years ago

What a great collection of ads - blast from the past! Delphi has come a long way. As has the entire computer industry, of course. Today we carry in our pockets computers that have the power of 50 of the PCs we used to run Turbo Pascal on...

SW D32242 posted a comment on Happy 22nd Birthday Delphi! 6 years ago

Love it!