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I fully agree with you, and the stdcall exists in 10.1
In 32bit VCL application, I I pass a pointer to a cardinal variable and I get unpredictable results
I noticed now that probably cardinal is not the same thing with longword for the compiler, so I will test it again....
thank you for your response


Dimitris Kounalakis created a new topic ' Winhttp in Delphi tokyo 10.2.3' in the forum. 1 month ago

I found that my code from 10.1 can not be compiled in 10.2 when using the winhttp api
I noticed that there are changes in winapi.WinHttp in 10.2.3 : eg
function WinHttpQueryDataAvailable(hRequest: HINTERNET; lpdwNumberOfBytesAvailable: LPDWORD): BOOL; stdcall;
In 10.1 the same function is declared as:
function WinHttpQueryDataAvailable(hRequest: HInternet; var lpdwNumberofBytesAvailable): BOOL;
The problem is that using a DWORD variable and passing its pointer gives unpredictable results.....