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Don R27140 posted a comment on Mixing Delphi and C++ 4 months ago

I'm using the classic compiler, in part because CodeGuard has been helpful in past projects. Sounds like you're suggesting I submit a bug report. It's easy to recreate. Just enable CodeGuard in your demo c++ package. Does Embarcadero still suppor

Don R27140 posted a comment on Mixing Delphi and C++ 5 months ago

Thanks David. The demo code works as advertised and solved a problem I was having. I'm developing a Delphi app that calls code in a c++ package. So far, my code works. I tried enabling codeguard with the c++ package but it hangs on exit and never

Don R27140 created a new topic ' OSX Firemonkey maximized model form problem' in the forum. 10 months ago

In RadStudio 10.2.3, I created a new Firemonkey multi-device c++ blank application.. Main form/unit is 20. ShowFullScreenIcon and FullScreen are both false. I then created a new multi-device c++ form/unit 21. I put a TButton on form 20. OnClick does Form21->ShowModal(). A TButton on form 21 returns mrCancel. On OSX Sieraa 10.12.6, I click the maximize icon (ShowFullScreenIcon is false), and click the button on main form 20. Form 21 appears maximized as a 2nd tab. Clicking the form20 tab locks up the program requiring a Force Quit. Restarting and clicking the "Cancel" button in Form21 returns to Form20, still maximized, but now behind the top menu bar and dock, hiding the top and bottom of Form20. I tried:
void __fastcall TForm20::FormShow(TObject *Sender)
with no change. Is there something else I need to do to run a form with ShowModal() maximized? Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.