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Alf C2461 created a new topic ' Any plans for CouchBase NoSQL support?' in the forum. 5 years ago

While there is already a APL for php towards CouchBase, maybe it could be an idea to make something for Delphi?

Look into the possibility to develope a genealogical and geographical database based on JSON to identify farms and living places and who are there. Guess it will take a few years to make the a demo standard and get it accepted, so no hurry for support.


Alf C2461 posted a comment on Why I choose Delphi 5 years ago

Nice blog which I think about sharing to my FB friends, but, there is some Delphish shortenings which says non-Delphish readers nothing, like VCL and RTL.Maybe add a * to first time use and a footnote at bottom explaining in more detail what VCL and

Alf C2461 replied to the topic 'Tool available to display content of .groupproj ?' in the forum. 5 years ago

When having one project open, do a search for class(tObject), mark all search results and choose to copy all results, then paste into an editor and first sort the lines so all class declarations comes into one block and all file paths at end.
First mark all files and cut and in a map make one topic with name of 'Files of class(tObject) and paste the copied file names into that topic.

Then in the left overs, by using regular expressions, remove the line numbers in paranthesis after file name and evt. leading blanks and select all and paste that into another main subtopic of the map.
Then start dividing up to path statements like
Node 1: C:\
Node 2: MyDelphi projects\
Node 3: My project\
and last
Node 4: MyProject.pas
If many files of My Project, select all paths with same path and move them all to same node My project\ and remove all path parts.
THen do the same with all fiiles in the other directories mentioned by project.
Then make a new marker group and add Class tObject to that one, select all and mark them with new marker category.
THen search for eg. tInterfacedPersistent and do the same, and some for tInterfacedObject, for tForms etc. etc.

If you get many subnodes on a topic, it might be an idea to move that node to new new tree by right-clicking the node and select Send Topics to, and select move to new map. Then all information pops up in the new map and you may then right click on center node and select to view the tree as right map. That makes it easier to get an overview.


Alf C2461 replied to the topic 'Tool available to display content of .groupproj ?' in the forum. 5 years ago

I use this in order to uipgrade old Delphi 2006 projects to newer versions to keep track of needed changes to source code and also to upgrade from tight dependent coupling of classes to using interfaces instead. Have then a marker group where I can classify the classes as tObject, tInterfacedObject, tInterfacedPersistent, tForm, tComponent etc. etc. and then use that progress marker to mark progrress starting by marking each file as no progress.
Then I have a group for things as files containing the interface and connect that with the class using the interface for declaration.
THen to that class you can introduce relationships btw interface and all classes that is dependent on that interface.


Alf C2461 replied to the topic 'Tool available to display content of .groupproj ?' in the forum. 5 years ago

By using Everything you can enter *.groupproj as filter and by ordering the entries by path you may select those groups that are actual and right click and choose to copy Full name to clipboard, paste that into an editor that support search with sorting abilities and sort them so pure path is shown sorted.Then that could be pasted into a mind map and form the basis. order the path based by first directory name and cut and past the rest as a node for directory and then split further all nodes in each path and then for each node move the same paths to same level except the name of group project.
For each project open the file in an editor and then copy the entries in the Itemgroup and paste into editor (I use EditPlus) and sort all content and then delete all lines that does not contain the Then past the resulting content in the new map for that project group entry.

Move and split each path again as for first groupproj overview, now with dproj files as a new tree.
For each dproj node insert a new map tree, now with the contents of each dproj file and save as a new map file.

Then you can use the taggings to make an overview of priorities, mark each topic with descriptors about general content etc. etc so the map later can be filtered on topics, progress, whom is ascribed responsibilities, and priorities, what to check or update first, second etc.
And by using the new abilities in like MindManager 2017, you can even set up a filterable budget for the work and investments needed.:-)


Alf C2461 replied to the topic 'Should there be an addware version of Delphi?' in the forum. 5 years ago

Problem is, you have no control of what pops up. :-(

An organisation i was partly responsible for starting up about 25 years ago started having ads thinking they could restrict it to genealogical matters but soon it started to make ads for pornographic sites :-(


Alf C2461 posted a comment on MVVM Workshop - Malcolm Groves as speaker 5 years ago

What is considered best practice, one set of MVVM for each form and evt. container, or one for whole program? (Eg. program has 100 forms)

Alf C2461 created a new topic ' Interfaces defined for the FireDac classes?' in the forum. 5 years ago

When trying to implement dependency injection in a REST server app using btw. FireDAC, it seems like there in no classes defined that is usable for interfaced declarations, which binds all uses of these classes dependent on many bound declarations.

So is there any hidden interfaces around which could be used to declare eg. a tFDconnection inside a form or a MVVM construct making it easier to reuse a connection to a database etc. etc.


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Alf C2461 created a new topic ' Tool available to display content of .groupproj ?' in the forum. 6 years ago

Ha anyone made or know about a program that would open a *.groupproj file and display its contents likename of each project, path to project, conditional defines and other metadata structures and evt. store it in an excel sheet or word file so it could be opened as a basis for a tree view in eg. MindManager (so the meta data structure could be a basis for a project control in Mindmanager)
(Just like what could be done to a database in ER/Studio where the metadata structure of the database could be stored to Word file and opened in Mindmanager after editing the word file, marking the whole file as header 2, marking each line of table name as Header 1 and introduce a title with name of database and then import into Mindmanager and get a tree wiht all table names and field names as nodes of each table where you could mark each node with ressources responsible, prioritieres, topic and others that could be used for filtering. etc. etc.


Alf C2461 created a new topic ' How to define portnumber used by rmtdbg when calle' in the forum. 6 years ago

When debugging a win64 bits application using PAserver on a remote Win 2008 server inside a router, I need to define the ports not only used by PAserver in the paserver.config, but since also rmtdbg.exe is also used, the ports used by that need also to be opened in the router.

Is there around some way to control what ports are used in both directions?

Or is this a bug in RAD Studio Seattle and earlier?
From it is shown that if rmtdbg.exe is started directly, it will use 64447 as default for listening, but when started from pasrver, it sometimes use that port and often not. :-(


Alf C2461 replied to the topic 'Symbols not found with remote debugging' in the forum. 6 years ago

Have had lot of problems myself remote debugging a datasnap server on a Windows R2008 64-bits server.
In one of them using tcpview on both sides it turned out that even if using PAserver, it fires up rmtdbg.exe and with a seemingly random port number :-(
Unless opening that port in the router, further debugging didn't function, even though the server was able to connect.

Have you considered that could be a problem?

tcpview is part of the sysinternals package downloadable from Microsoft.


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Alf C2461 posted a comment on Beacons and Delphi in Amsterdam 6 years ago

Hello Pawel! Thx for your speech yesterday! Will you post link to the webinar replay for your speech when released?