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I'm waiting for a simple "goto function body" solution. Every time I use a function, find the body is a pain.... need ctrl+f, then search. And miss all the points I'm watching. I think isn't a big deal...

C++ Builder. When you're programming, you need to find the body of a function. In the latest IDE you find ONLY the declaration, in the include file (.h). I think this function is a must! It is planned?

MassimoM posted a comment on Preparing for Linux 2 years ago

Right! I'm a c/c++ writer, is Embarcadero/CBuilder for linux coming too? Let us know. Thanks.

Sorry, editor don't like something... for (n = 0; n Parent = this; ..... } Hope it work now!

I usually create dinamically the buttons as an array, set the "Tag" propriety to the value. Then, on the same Event handler I read the Tag value (is an integer) and use it. Tipically this metode is a must if you have a lot of same command (radiobutto

MassimoM posted a comment on Free Webinar: C++ Boot Camp 2 years ago

Thanks David. I hope that this feature will be add in the next version. My impression is that all the efforts are for Delphy :-) I'm using c++ for almost 18 years..

MassimoM posted a comment on Free Webinar: C++ Boot Camp 2 years ago

In the c++ builder I still have a problem: On sourcecode, if I want reach the body of a function I right click on it but I found the definition in .h code, not the body in .cpp file. How I can do that? Thanks!