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Thanks, David - I came here looking to see if anyone else had the same issue There is another issue with the Documentation tab not displaying properly (but it has already been logged in QP)...Thanks!

Thanks David - I am the one that logged RSP-18744 Thanks to Stefan Glienke there is a temporary workaround (outlined in the comments) while EMBT works out the root cause and fixes the issue.

Hey David - I just installed 10.2.1 and have some new issues. Apps recompiled with 10.2.1 (and no code changes) are showing lots of memory leaks (I had none with 10.2). What's going on? I would like to install updates with confidence - but such event

I have an issue - after installing the CDATA connectors, my other apps stopped compiling. On checking, I realized that the installation blew away my Library Path and replaced it with the CDATA paths!! To make matters worse, I do not know what all was

Hi David - I don't think it is related to the Windows bug. I used the TDateEdit in 10.1.2 Berlin and it worked fine. Used it in Tokyo and it does not.

After installing the hotfix, the TDateEdit does not change the displayed month (see Is there a way to rollback the April hotfix (without having to go thru a full re-install of Tokyo)?