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Christophe L22760 posted a comment on New in 10.2.2: Dark IDE Theme! 7 months ago

Hello, i like the dark theme but I would like to change 2 colors.* The color of the current active line in the editor to make it darker.* The color of the caption of the forms (If you look at the Welcome page Light/Dark exemples you will notice that

There's a big opportunily for Delphi to jump ahead again with all these web frontend javascript frameworks. Especially with Google Angular and polymer that are top of the popularity and make the buzz with the guarantee of the serious of Google techno

HI Farshad, Yes I understand this, but my boss does not. He has no computer knowledge and only understands money. For him java or delphi is the same, a programming language, and when a kid comes that show him a browser with an angular layout and tell

Sorry for the typos, but messages cannot be edited.I would like to add that we should not have to deal with xml or json, how he communicates with the web frot end is the rad server controller problem, from the model point of view we just use componen

Hi JIM, I watched your présentation and I liked your work. But there were too many external products and too few embacadero native solutions. I'm disapointed. Atanas POPOV said "modernize or get extinct" this also applies to Delphi.I'm surprised this