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Louis K2138 posted a comment on A Busy Week Produces 10.2 Tokyo 7 years ago

Will 3rd party packages work with the new version, or does the supplier of them have to recompile them first?

Louis K2138 replied to the topic 'Source Code for FireDAC' in the forum. 7 years ago

Do you check :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\16.0\source\data\firedac

FireDAC source code does not come with the Professional version of Delphi. At least it didn't with Delphi XE8.


Louis K2138 created a new topic ' Source Code for FireDAC' in the forum. 8 years ago

I have Delphi XE8 Professional. I have been implementing Array DML in FireDAC to work with SQLite. I have been able to get it to work, but I found that simply loading its Params array is very slow and takes as long as the database load itself.

The Params array is a Variant array and I'm looking for a way to improve the speed of loading. I have already posted a question at StackOverflow about this.

What is hampering my attempted to improve this is that the source code for FireDAC did not come with my version of Delphi XE8. Is there some place where I can get this source code?

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My product is named Behold. It is genealogy software available at www.beholdgenealogy.com

My product is named Behold. It is genealogy software available at http://www.beholdgenealogy.com