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Leus posted a comment on New in 10.2.2: Dark IDE Theme! 1 year ago

Well, I think Delphi IDE Colorizer already does a good job: https://github.com/RRUZ/Delphi-IDE-Colorizer Also, there is Delphi IDE Theme Editor for syntax highlighting: https://github.com/RRUZ/delphi-ide-theme-editor

Leus posted a comment on Some Great Women of Programming 2 years ago

Please don't forget to mention Margaret Hamilton, who coined the term "software engineering."

Leus posted a comment on Compiling a Million Lines of Code with Delphi 2 years ago

Delphi XE, 1.170.511 lines of code, full build in 10.3 seconds. Lots of generics. Not bad, huh.